Custom celebrity autographs from

Every custom celebrity autograph from FanFair is 100% authentic

Authenticity guaranteed

At FanFair, we understand that autograph collectors and superfans want to ensure that the signatures they purchase are 100% authentic. That is why we have implemented a signature process that ensures that every autograph we sell is signed live by the celebrity, using a high-tech and reliable method.

Every celebrity partnered with FanFair, signs every custom autograph by hand, with their tablet and stylus using the FanFair App, guaranteeing 100% authentic autographs from your favourite celebrities.  

Live virtual signatures written by celebrities with each recipient in mind

Personalized autographs from FanFair are 100% authentic signatures because they are made using a tablet and stylus, allowing the celebrity to sign every signature by hand. The celebrity thoughtfully writes a live virtual signature with the recipient in mind, according to the custom message request sent in with their order. 

Commitment to authenticity 

To guarantee authenticity each celebrity on our platform must sign a contract with FanFair agreeing to personally sign every autograph that is sold on our website. This contract ensures that the celebrity is committed to providing authentic signatures to their fans.

Connecting to the hardware

Next, each celebrity is connected to our very own tablet application which uses a high precision digital stylus. The celebrity uses the stylus to sign each autograph directly on the tablet's screen manually. This ensures that every signature is unique and personally signed by the celebrity.

Signature App Allows Celebrities To Create Legible Autographs

The combination of the tablet and digital writing stylus provides several benefits that make it the perfect tool for signing custom autographs. The tablet's large, high-resolution screen allows the celebrity to see exactly what they are signing, ensuring that the signature is clear and legible, just like it would be using a Sharpie on a photograph. The writing stylus’ precision tip allows the celebrity to create fine, detailed pen strokes, making it easy to write their signature exactly as they would on paper. 

Welcome to the 21st Century of Autograph collecting!

FanFair makes access to your favourite celebrities autographs more accessible than ever. Now you can request autographs and personalized messages from your favourite legends without the hassle of expensive conventions and travel costs. 

Skip the Middleman Autograph Re-sellers and go Directly to the Source! 

The FanFair app now makes it possible to have direct contact with your favourite celeb, allowing you to make your autograph request with notes to the celebrity themselves. Maybe you want to mark a major milestone in your life and a personal message of encouragement from your favourite legend would immortalize your or your friends achievements. FanFair passes on any message you want the celebrity to know making for more meaningful personalized messages back to you directly from the celebrity themselves. Provides Personalized Autographs That Are Authentic

The new technology created by FanFair is making celebrity autographs more personal and more accessible than ever. In this way, FanFair can provide personalized autographs that are 100% authentic. Each signature is signed by the celebrity personally, using a tablet and digital writing stylus, ensuring that the autograph is of the highest quality and authenticity. Contact us at our support line if you require a certificate of authenticity that your FanFair print is 100% written by your celebrity by hand. 

If you're a fan or an autograph collector, you can trust that any personalized autograph purchased from FanFair is the real deal. Our commitment to providing authentic signatures sets us apart from other autograph sellers, and we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality autographs available.

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