How long will it take to make my product?

Each product is printed custom for you! The time it takes for each print to be customized varies by the schedule set by each talent on FanFair. Their approximate signing schedule is listed on their page but might vary slightly due to other scheduling engagements. Once your print has been customized, we aim to process orders within 2-3 days for paper prints and 2-4 business days for framed prints and canvas wraps.Please allow an extra day when placing an order within 2 days of a holiday. Shipping options presented at checkout include processing time.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free within the United States. International shipping prices: on unframed prints and canvas wraps: $9.00 / on framed prints: $14.50

What are the shipping times?

Once your order has been picked up by the carrier, you'll receive a tracking notification. Orders to US addresses typically deliver within 5-7 business days. International orders typically deliver within 7-14 days, but in some instances can take up to 21 days to deliver.

Shipping delays

Partly due to COVID-19 and partly due to work stop orders within USPS, all carriers are experiencing shipping delays. We aim to process orders in a timely manner, however once a package is picked up by the carrier, the delivery time is out of our hands. We sincerely appreciate your patience during this time. Please know that should your order get lost in transit, or is significantly delayed, contact us at support@fanfairsignatures.com and we'll send out a new order free of charge.

Help, I entered the wrong shipping address!

One of the unique aspects of our product line is that we don’t hold any stock. We operate this way to be both kind to the environment (no waste) and this ensures that we can always ship our customers brand new, custom-printed orders. We want to ship your order as quickly as we can and we begin printing orders almost immediately once we receive them.If your shipping address was entered incomplete or incorrect, we are unfortunately not able to change it before it ships out. Once you receive your tracking number, you, as the receiver, can contact the shipping carrier and complete or correct the address. If you are having trouble with this process, please contact us at support@fanfairsignatures.com once you've received a response from the shipping provider.


My tracking number on my order does not work.

Once in a while, packages that get dropped off with USPS for shipment don't get scanned. We aim to have every package scanned by USPS when they are picked up so that you receive the most accurate tracking information online, however, sometimes this step gets skipped. If your tracking number shows "Pre-Shipment Information has been submitted by the shipper" for a few days, please wait until 1 weekend passes as it is usually over the weekend that USPS 'catches' up with their missed scans. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


My order arrived damaged.

If you received a damaged item, please notify us within 5 business days of delivery and we will happily replace the damaged items with the same shipping as per the original order. Please include well-lit images detailing the damage to qualify for replacements.

My order is lost/stuck in transit.

If your package hasn't shown any tracking update in 7 days (for U.S. orders) or 20 days for non-US orders, please let us know no later than 30 days from the date your order shipped and we will issue a replacement order.

My tracking "delivered" but I haven't received it. What should I do?

Oh no, we're really sorry to hear this! In the rare event that your package goes missing, we're here to help make things right. Please file a police report regarding the stolen package and email us a copy at support@fanfairsignatures.com. Once we receive the report, we will promptly send out a replacement order to you. Your satisfaction is our priority!

The item I received isn't what I ordered.

If you received an item that is different than what you ordered, please contact our support team (support@fanfairsignatures.com) within 5 business days of delivery. Please include a well-lit image of the item you received to qualify for a replacement item.

The custom message I received is different than what I wrote in my order.

Celebrities on FanFair reserve the right to alter a custom message you order as they see fit. They will keep the spirit of the personalization request, but the exact language might be slightly different than you ordered. This does not qualify for a replacement order.


Changing a custom message

If you'd like to change the custom message of your order, please right to us (support@fanfairsignatures.com) with your new custom message request. If your original message has not already been signed, we will happily accommodate the change request.

Changing the size or style

If your order has not yet shipped, please write to us (support@fanfairsignatures.com) with the change you'd like to make to your order (ex. picking a different size, upgrading from a paper print to a framed print...).If you are making an upgrade, we will put your original order on hold. We will then send you a link to pay for the upgrade. Once we receive the payment, we will continue processing your order and prepare it for shipment.


Who pays duties and import fees on international shipments?

If you are shipping to a U.S. address, you will not be charged duty upon delivery. As each country has their own import rules and regulations, you are responsible for any customs fees or taxes charged to import your order.


Unframed Paper Prints

Paper prints 12x18" (304 x 457mm).
Please note that each print is trimmed manually and sometimes can result in a +/- 1/8th" (3mm) difference in the size, but this shouldn't affect any plans to frame your print.
The paper is a 180 gsm thickness with a soft matte finish making this the perfect option for adding your own frame at home.

Framed Prints

The artwork that is framed 12x18" (304 x 457mm).
The paper print is surrounded by a 2.25" white mat mount. The solid wood frame is a contemporary 1" black frame and is 3/4" thick.
Orders to the U.S. also include a helpful hanging kit and mini level.


Can I add any customization?

Yes! ...and no. Talent that has partnered with FanFair want to engage with you, their loyal fans, in a fun and lighthearted way. Personalization requests that contain profanity of any kind or messages of a hateful or political nature will be canceled and refunded. Also, they might have a little fun with your message and surprise you with something slightly different. But the spirit of your personalization request will be met.

Are these prints really signed by the actor?

You bet! We kid you not.

Each personalization is live-signed by the actor themself upon receiving your order.

For more information about our authenticity guarantee, click here for some helpful articles.

How long will it take for my order to be signed?

Every item is tailored specifically for you! The customization duration for each print depends on the individual schedule of the talent featured on FanFair. Their estimated signing timeline is mentioned on their profile, but it may slightly deviate due to other commitments.After your print has been personalized, our goal is to process orders within 2-3 days for paper prints and 2-4 business days for framed prints and canvas wraps. Kindly allow an additional day for orders placed within 2 days of a holiday. Shipping options displayed during checkout encompass processing time.